Saturday, February 10, 2007
Keeping Wounds Open (PT)

Lisbon-based rockers Madcab have just released their debut album, Keeping Wounds Open.

Luis Silva (on vocals and guitar), Filipe Gracio (on guitar), Miguel Delgado (on bass) and Luis Costa (on drums) are the four lads behind this quarter. They got together back in 2001 and five years later, in 2006, they recorded 10 tracks that have seen the light this February.

With dense and heavy atmospheres lead by a powerful percussion section, electrifying guitar riffs and prevailing and gutural voices, Madcab deliver us Keeping Wounds Open, where they combine rock tunes with late 90's heavy metal scene.

The album can be downloaded, freely, right here.

On the 8th of March they will play live in Lisbon, at Fnac Colombo.

Download Liar right here.


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