Thursday, March 22, 2007
News bulletin (PL/PT)
News from the Fox side (PL).

Cheesewire, Home Is So Sad, Wor Jackie and Nichola have been added to Fox Gang's MySpace Player. A unique chance to listen to some of the tracks this sextet has been playing around.

All those living outside Krakow, beware!!! The Fox will take their funky reggae rock sounds to Poznan this April. Together with Alien Autopsy, they'll be hunting you at Brogan's Irish Pub.
Hopefully, other cities will follow.

FG are set loose on the

24/03 @ Awaria, Krakow
14/04 @ Awaria, Krakow
21/04 @ Brogan's Irish Pub, Poznan

Listen if you like:

Easyjet can be found at Thirty Something New Tales From PL.PT.

White English, just follow the link.

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Fonzie are back with Shout It Out.

Before its release, on the 26th of March, this Lisbon-based punk rock quartet has decided to have all its tracks available, for preview, at their Myspace.

A total of 12 tracks that for sure, will make all their fans quite happy.

Recommended for most of Green Day, Sum 41 or Nofx fans.

Get to see them live @

24/03 @ Forum Romeira, Alenquer
20/04 @ Paradise, Lisbon
26/04 @ Semana Academica, Figueira da Foz

Shout It Out will see its international later on....

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The electronic music duet Internal Sync will see their debut EP hit the stores on the 23rd of March.

Released by the German label, Klang Gymnastik, this vinyl edition will include the tracks Zero Zero and Lindostrom, plus two remixes for these two tracks, by Monoroom and Ampere (visiting Zero Zero).

You will find Zero Zero EP soon at Flur store, Lisbon, on Decks and on Straight Audio.

Check them techno beats of Internal Sync on the:

23/03 @ Lounge, Lisbon
30/03 @ Triplex, Oporto
13/04 @ Lounge, Lisbon, as Jackspot + Mighty Caeser
20/04 @ Left, Lisbon
21/04 @ Lounge, Lisbon
04/05 @ ADN, Setubal

Download one of their mixtapes right here. Just follow the link.

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2 years and half after they started as a band, Monomonkey will finally hit the road and take their melodic rock sounds to a wider crowd, showing some of the music released on their previous demos.

This quartet hailing from Marinha Grande (PT) is set to release simple songs that ought to catch everyone's attention. The music flow nicely on tracks such as Singing Out to No One and In Danger (this being one of my favourites).

It seems that the vocals need some more work, but, as a whole, they seem to be heading on the right direction.

Ricardo Simoes, Pedro Lemos, David Silva and Bruno Juliao are heading to a city close to you. See them live on the:

24/03 @ K2 Club, Cartaxo; together with Pond37
13/04 @ Festival Overlive, Marinha Grande; together with Budhi.

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