Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Vixo and Fireworks EP (PL)

"....Why not? We are in love with music, we want to express ourselves by the music... "

This is Vixo. Heading from Zdunska Wola, these youngsters decided back in 2004 to start doing what they loved most; this is, to have a band and play...

Sebastian Stasiak on vocals and guitar; Darek Grabowski on lead guitar; Arek Jaros on drums and Michal Szafarz on bass guitar are the four responsible for the music behind Vixo. This one shines with influences from the 60's and 70's pop rock scene, with this century's post-punk return and alternative pop rock.

Recently they released Fireworks EP. 4 tracks highly contaminated with melodic guitar chords, repetitive and straight to your mind pop chorus and happy drum beats.

The percussion driven and guitar frenzy Lufu, the pop and delicate Do you remember love?, the 80's pop, indie rock drunk and dance friendly Farewell in oblivion and the tempting uhhh uuhh wispers of Nothing can be born from stillness are a perfect visit to their full lenght debut expected to arrive this Autumn, through Love Industry.

Recently they participated on Piotr Stelmach's Offensywa compilation with the track Farewell in oblivion.

Download their EP, Fireworks EP right here.

On their MySpace you can listen additionally an acoustic version of Watching Watching.

Check them out, in concert, this April, chez eux, at Variete, on the 20th.

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