Thursday, March 08, 2007
Brava Danca premieres today (PT)

Brava Danca. A picture of Portugal during the 80's and today.

With the music, image and history of Herois do Mar (HDM), we are taken on a time portal into the political situation, music and tradition Portugal was submerged into 20 years ago.

By breaking some of the barriers existing by then, this quintet was often misjudged and misunderstood. This is shown on this documentary brought by Jorge Pereirinha Pires and Jose Francisco Pinheiro.
Interviews, old television and photography archives, press and videos.... all this was used by these two directors in order to come up with the history and influence of this remarkable band on the history of music in Portugal.

This documentary, which saw its premiere during last year's edition of the Lisbon Documentary Film Festiva, DocLisboa, stars Rui Pregal da Cunha, Paulo Pedro Goncalves, Carlos Maria Trindade, Antonio Jose Almeida and Pedro Aires Magalhaes, the five elements of HDM.

Listen to Paixao and So Gosto de Ti right here.

"...Embora nos nao parecessemos punk, nao tivessemos cabelo espetado e correntes, a nossa atitude como banda e a nossa intervencao como artistas, era completamente punk e situacionista. E foi isso que chocou mais as pessoas....."

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