Saturday, March 31, 2007
Noite/Nuit by Tiago Sousa and SRX (PT/FR)
Merzbau just got a new album out. Noite/Nuit is a split EP with the artists Tiago Sousa, member of Goodbye Toulouse and Jesus, the Misunderstood, and the French artist with Portuguese origins Sandra Reignoux, aka SRX.

Tiago Sousa, after his solo debut with Crepusculo, returns on this split EP with three melancholic tracks completely dominated by his piano. The perfect companionship for those long and cold winter nights, his music is of several faces, carrying dark tones dressed in light blue silk.
A Espera would perfectly suit one of those black and white mute thriller films, where this character follows someone in this never ending alley.

His share on Noite/Nuit ends with Folha Caduca, another moment of melancholic crescendo, quiet and beautiful music.

SRX is Sandra Reignoux. With a delicate and trembling voice, she starts her share on this Split EP with The Amazonian Sky, a song where piano notes fall side by side with
chorus in constant loop. Simple, beautiful and catchy.

Pieces for Portugal is an exercise where spoken-word meets a lonely piano. Both, closed in a dark room, singing solitude within darkness, expressing her fear and other emotions. Better Than continues on the same path. Words throw out, quietly, softly, delicately as if we were walking on thin ice.

In 2005 SRX released By the way, Ordinary things on the French label Another Record.

Discover these two artists @ Merzbau.

Download Noite/Nuit right next. For more information, just follow this link.

01 - Arvore Ancia
02 - A Espera
03 - Folha Caduca
04 - The Amazonian Sky
05 - Pieces for Portugal
06 - Better Than

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