Monday, March 12, 2007
New Century Classics (PL)

It is time to reveal one of Krakow's best kept secrets.

Krakow is a city that, within its narrow streets, its old buildings and behind each face that smiles to you, keeps several secrets and gems to itself.

Today, we have the pleasure to reveal one of these well kept secrets.......

They're five!!

They list Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Mew, Muse, Mojave 3 or Radiohead, among others, as their main influences!!

They.... they give by the name of New Century Classics. NCC is a Krakow-based post-rock, indie pop quintet that started their music adventure last years, back in May.
Together, they have taken the mission to compose some of the most beautiful music Krakow has listened recently. Delicate and melodic, yet sometimes so emotional and of such strength.

With Anna on synths, bells, guitar, ibook and egg, Antonello on percussion, Dana on violin, synths, laptop and egg, Marek on guitar and synths, and Mateusz on lead guitar, they brings us the soundtrack for our busy days, for our tormented hours.
As Sandbox Love or Random Acts of Happiness kick in, it is time for me to lay back and dream.....

Their music has the same effect on me as that of Sigur Ros, Michael Nyman or Mogwai. Melodies in continuous spiral. Dancing lullabies. Instruments that bleed incredibly passionate music. Guitars and percussion galloping as wild worses.

Live this quintet sounds even better. Their music gains another life. It aspires for something huge, something beautiful...... Suddenly we are taken by our arms and we find ourselves in Neverland. As the music fills in the room, we become part of New Century Classics. Our bodies move smoothly to the music slidding out of the guitar and synths, whereas our feet keep up the rhythm, together with Antonello.

Nevertheless, live, there is still space for improvements. The constant change of instruments breaks the mood a little bit, creating these long pauses. I hope that they'll sort it out.

You can listen to Sandbox Love or Random Acts of Happiness, together with other tracks at their MySpace. We recommend it strongly.

Catch them live as well. Their next show will happen on the 1st of April, in Krakow, at Lubu-Dubu.

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