Saturday, March 31, 2007
Deft Aphid's 256 Tales (PL)

The netlabel Chill-Label is back with Deft Aphid's 256 Tales.

This Piekary Slaski-based artist takes us into his 8th release, a true world of sounds where beats and break-beats, minimal electronic, ambient music, rap, drum-n-bass, r'n'b, pop, classic and lyrical tunes. In a couple of words, a true cultural melting pot.

For this album Qba Muller, aka Deft Aphid, gathered the contributions of Clever Chris, on the fantastic break-beat drum-n-bass madness of Cardial Puzzle (Radio Edit), Elektrobi's guitar on the distorced noisy electronic trip The Captain of Kopenick, Trochej's trombone on the electro noise bingo-bango party For Saba & Pola and on the smooth pop electronic flavoured Patoka, Catalonia-based Miurn's piano and string arragements on the contagious and in crescendo piano driven pop bits and bytes of Parentesi, Katarzyna Wojciak's vocal contribution to the guitar driven r'n'b noise drunk Vermeer Forgery and last but not least Loki da Trixta's rap contribution to the beat clashes of 1.

256 Tales is an album tough to catalogue.

256 Tales is an album tough to listen at first time, but that reveals itself quite impressive in the end. After the first time you go through these 13 tracks, you'll want to do it again, and again.

I do not know if this has to do with the rhythm changes we're constantly facing - try listening to 1 and then the de-construction arcade beats of Borsuk, or to the simplistic harp sounds of Piri Reis and the sounds of The Captain of Kopenick or For Saba & Pola.

This are the melodic 256 tales of Deft Aphid.

Visit them at his MySpace, or get the album at Chill-Label.

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    it is fantastic music !

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