Monday, March 05, 2007
New Tracks by Dead Combo (PT)

Warm winds from the west prairies....

Dead Combo have just made two new tracks available. Correria Desenfreada and Um Pouco Mais Pequeno Que o Indiana where initially released as part of the online version for the daily newspaper Publico.

Their music adventure continues within the old ghost town bars and cabarets somewhere in wild west.....

This March, they have scheduled the following concerts:

16 @ Fabrica (Prazeres e Irmao), Castro Verde, PT
17 @ Maxime's, Lisbon, PT
23 @ Cinema Festival PlayDoc, Tuy, ES
24 @ Incrivel Club, Almada, PT

Meanwhile and thanks to SonicBids, you can find some more of their music right here.

Mr. Eastwood

Electrica Cadente

More tracks can be found here.

Support Dead Combo and buy their two albums right here, at these internet stores:

Comprar/Buy Vol.1 - iTunes Store

Comprar/Buy Vol.2 - iTunes Store

Comprar/Buy Vol.1 - CD Baby

Comprar/Buy Vol.2 - CD Baby

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