Friday, March 09, 2007
Plum and Witness of your fall (PL)

"Time, it was time I started;
I started to rot...."

Plum, the noisy, dirty alternative rock trio rampaging out of Stargard Szczecinski, are back with Witness of Your Fall, their 6th studio release.

Witness their screaming thunder guitar storms; devastating and powerful storytelling; and if this would not be enough, a strong percussion line, that backs up the other two in case they run out of forces.

Martin Piekoszewski, Zbyszek Jasinski and Rav Piekoszewski have defined a space for themselves in the Polish music scene. Their sound can be defined as the result of an experiment bound to take music a step ahead, by exploring the bounderies of rock and of the instruments handled (if you can say it this way) by these three gentlemen.
Do you remember that film where a scientist ends up mutating into a fly? Now try to imagine Rage Against the Machine meets Sonic Youth meets GYBE meets Jesus Lizard. Can you figure it out? Yes? Then, there you go, you’ve got Plum.

In a country where more bands are trying to explore rock music, combining it with several other elements, Plum are kept as one of the references, together with Scianka.

I won’t say this is an album you can go through easily. Witness of Your Fall requires your attention, dedication and an open mind. The album opens with the magnific Drought Destroyed My Eyeballs, and closes with Source, another breathtaking music piece. In-between, there are some moments that do not keep up with the energy and enthusiasm of the previously mentioned tracks.

On the other side, Plum are more of a live band. In such conditions, their music sounds as never before, releasing all the energy contained on this little 35 minutes album.

Plum are now on tour. Check their concerts right here.

30/03 @ Pod Muzami, Kalisz
17/04 @ Stare kino, Poznan
18/04 @ Aurora, Warsaw
19/04 @ Firlej, Wroclaw
20/04 @ Alter Ego, Szczecin
21/04 @ Leipzig, Leipzig (DE)
23/04 @ Brooklyn Cafe, Rouen (FR)
24/04 @ Le Klub, Paris (FR)
25/04 @ El Inca, Bordeaux (FR)
29/04 @ Mozg, Bydgoszcz

You can find their albums right here.

Get under their influence at their MySpace.
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