Friday, March 23, 2007
Sepia, by Indy (PT)

Rasarte is back with another release. This time, it's up to Indy's EP, Sepia.

After the release of their debut demo, Reveal, back in 2003, Pedro Franco, together with Nuno Furtado, Pedro Ramos and Victor Coimbra, share with us, this time, a couple of tracks that swim in classic rock and pop deep seas.

While listening to this release I can't help sharing a certain feeling of disappointment. After the promising Rasarte's debut with Levi, this Sepia turns out to be some points bellow what I expected.

Nevertheless, there are some good ideas in here. From the not so enthusiastic Holly Water, to the the more interesting indie pop Round We Walk, via the Jeff Buckley and Incubus inspired Softly Spoken and Trial, we are taken through a couple of tracks worth listening.
The EP closes with the not so good Built Back Up, an acoustic guitar driven track that seems to loose its direction one minute after it started. It wants to be too many things at the same time, ending up sounding too artificial.

Sepia shows a band that is still looking for a direction, for their sound. As a second release it shows some interesting ideas, but nothing more.

Download it and judge by yourself right here.

Get Round We Walk right here.

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