Thursday, February 08, 2007
The adventures of ....... Levi (PT)

We would like to welcome Rasarte to the world of music industry. As part of, Rasarte is in charge of promotion, edition and management of young new artists.

Recently they released their first album. The honour was all Levi's.

The adventures of is Levi's second album and Rasarte's debut. 10 songs that travel from the sounds of Dylan to those of Elliot Smith, from blues to folk, from acustic guitar melodies to blossoming pop dreams.

Three years after the release of Ocean of time, this Lisbon-based multi-artist, delivers us an album that breathes lo-fi indie pop tunes, dressed up with bluesy guitars and down to earth alternative country music, an album that tells us several stories,

Once The adventures of kicks in, we are face to face with Nozh, oozy and britva waltz and Stained wings, where acoustic sounds marry with those of distorced electric guitars.

Meaningless existencial hell and Ocean are two beautiful pop guitar driven tracks, with Levi's warm and delicate voice populating these last nine minutes.

Scarborough is one of those electric pink dreams that takes us flying over those white snowy mountains, far, far away. It starts slowly, quite slowly..... then, this musical spider web gets you in this noisy agreeable swirl. In Don't want to loose you and Library blues, Levi takes us into the world of the Lousiana blues, whereas in Untitled we are taken to visit some of Ben Harper's folk bluesy tunes and Dylan's .

Before The last song, we are presented with Treacle tart, a beautifully slow-paced song that meets Levi's in a very delicate, close to rupture vocal register.

Welcome to The adventures of ....

Catch him live, on the 17th of February, at Tertulia Castelense, in Castelo da Maia.

Listen here to two tracks of Levi's secong release. The album, can be downloaded for free, right here.


Treacle tart


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