Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Noite CD-R (PT)

We all know what CD-R stands for....

What you might not know is what "Noite CD-R" stands for...

On the first and second Wednesday of every month, Lisbon and Oporto host the so called Noite CD-R (CD-R Night). First at Lounge, Lisbon, and one week later at bar Passos Manuel, this event is a good occasion for all those getting started on the arts of mixing and producing, that still haven't released any material so far.

There are no limits or restrictions concerning what you would like to propose. Drum 'n' bass, techno, hip-hop, rock,.... everything is welcome......

The material delivered (until 24h00 that day) is then played at the venue hosting the event (Lounge or Passos Manuel), and later on, passed over to Noite CD-R's webpage.

Next Noite CD-R is already tomorrow, at Passos Manuel, Porto. Drop by with your proposals this time....

"We Are Your Friends!"


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