Sunday, October 22, 2006
Psycho Killer???? No, Psychocukier (PL)

"Apart from several interesting groups/performers in different musical genres, we are inspired by everyday objects around us: freezers, radios, TVs, car alarms, telephones, remote controls etc. We are also inspired by the DIVERSITY and MANYNESS of experience, shapes, colours, bends, curves, straight lines, underwater noises. We love multicoloured lights, cheap second-hand clothing, found words and found sounds, expanded minds, things that buzz and things with 3 halves (although we've yet to find them)."

Noisy, experimental, fast, furious, dirty,... fucking dirty...... This is the sound of Psychocukier. Since 2001, this Lodz based trio has been spreading the sound of their noisy guitars, distorced vocals, their post-punk and rock attitude across Poland.

The ones to blame give by names of Sasza Tomaszewski (vocals and guitar), Marcin 'awaria' Awierianow (drums) and Piotrek Poloz (bass).

Now, they're back and ready to take their music down to the street. Watch out!!! Psychocukier are to pay you a visit on the following dates:

26. 10. 2006 - Krakow @ Sw Krowa
27. 10. 2006 - Czestochowa @ Utopia
28. 10. 2006 - Gomunice @ Bogart
03. 11. 2006 - Wroclaw @ Salonik, (a Indie Sounds Night event)

Do not loose this chance!!!!!

Blast your speakers right here.

Harry J (high. rec.)
Malpy morskie i krawat milosci (excerpt)
Czesciowa awaria podstacji (excerpt)
Spiacy pies
Placki z bananami
Atak wiezowcow

Tks to Indie Sounds Night for the hint.
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  • At 7:46 AM, Anonymous hdv said…

    Hey Romeu,

    thanks for the tip and nice words:) I know Love Is All, they´re making really great music, so fresh and full of energy! Makes me dancy...

    I also thank you very much for the compilation, you could leave it on some hosting/sharing online system and send me a link for downloading. Thank you!!!

    And here´s my tip for you - Here - a half Czech/French band, I suppose you could find it very interesting... I specially recommend Know Where U Are song, that is my favourite.

    How´s your life now? You´re doing excellent work on Music@PL.PT! Keep it up:)

    Talk to you soon,


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