Sunday, March 25, 2007
96Project (PL)

"....Our story is very short. We (Marcin, Piotrek) started in 2003 as a project for one album in cooperation with a few vocalists. But when we met Maciek we knew that it was the only voice we were looking for....."

And this was how 96 Project came together. Together with bass player Lukasz Damm, Marcin Limek, on guitar, Piotr on percussion and the lead vocalist Maciek Prusinki, this Radom-based alt-rock quartet released this year their third demo, Numer 3.

After 120 and Here (Anyway), back in 2004 and 2005 respectively, this year sees four new tracks coming to life. My Cause For Life, Life-Phobia, I Take on Trust and Lady-Jail pulse heavily, contaminated with grunge'like guitar and stunning drums.

It is difficult to listen to these tracks and not picture straight away bands like Soundgarden or Incubus. The guitar riffs and Maciek's vocals do take us that way, specially when he sings in English.

Their music possesses good rythmn, melody and energy. It's catchy, it rocks and it kicks arse!!!!.
The guitar, drum and bass seem to be on the right place, saying present only when requested.

I received their first single Unaesthetic together with its Polish version, Na znieczuleniu. This latter sounds better than it's English partner. Maciek's sings more naturally and his voice gets a different tone, a better one.

Discover it by yourself at their MySpace.

Listen to a quick demo preview right here.

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