Thursday, March 22, 2007
Tragic Story with Happy Ending (PT)

"....Some people are different. All what they whish is to be like to the others, deliciously mixing among the crowd. There are people spending the rest of their lives fighting to achieve this, denying or hiding their differences. Some other assume it and raise up themselves, getting their place close to the others… in their hearts...."

This week, Atalanta Filmes will release on the big screen the multi-awarded Portuguese Animation film Historia Tragica com Final Feliz (Tragic Story with Happy Ending). Shown together with Nanni Moretti's The Caiman, Regina Pessoa's highly acclaimed short film will finally have its deserved premiere.

Do not loose this 7 minutes fairy tale. Be impressed by the beauty and quality of this little story.

"....Once upon a time there was a little girl whose heart beat faster than other people’s…

That disturbed them… because of the noise... Her heart beat so loudly...

She tried to explain: "It’s a bird’s heart... I'm in a body that isn't my own... That's why my heart beats so fast... I'm a bird..."

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