Thursday, February 22, 2007
The Mothers (PL)

Our name should be taken as homage to our moms.

Mothers...... could be yours, could be mine, could be theirs...... but no, these are ours. The Mothers are a indie rock quartet that has drunk inspiration from Her Majesty's britpop and alternative music legacy and came up with some of the freshest indie tunes in Poland.

Vojtek (drums), Jacob (bass), Arthur(guitar) and Bart (vocals) started it all last year. With an age between 17 and 18 years old, these four lads deliver us a bunch of songs that are dressed for success. Their britpop influenced indie rock, their catchy chorus and fancy melodies are able to grab one's attention right after we hit the play button. No wonder!!! If your favourite bands would include Blur, Franz Ferdinand, The Stone Roses, The Clash or Bloc Party, what else would you expect?

Last month, they took part on Music@PL.PT's compilation with the track Night Life in Big City, a track on which the initial guitar riffs keep taking me back to Justine Frischmann's Elastica.
Recently they added a new track to their MySpace, Fool Kids Are Dead. This is one of those tracks once you listen to it first time, you'll do it again, and again and again.

On the 16th of March, one of their tracks will be released on Offensywa, a music compilation by Polskie Radio Trojka.

This Friday they are to hit Krakow, at B-Side. After supporting The Car Is On Fire on some of their concerts, this is a fine occasion to see them live, and check how these four Mothers can rock!!!!

As someone said......

"....They sound like the Dutchess Camila's and Prince Carol's bed on new year's eve.... " I guess this must be a hell of a bed. Colourful, poppy and that can put you to dance after the very first chord.

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