Friday, February 23, 2007
XII Festival de Musica Moderna Corroios 2007 (PT)

Let the new sounds of PT take over.......

The 12th edition of the Corroios' Modern Music Festival (XII Festival de Musica Moderna de Corroios) kicks off today.

With 10 projects divided into 5 sessions, we will see these bands competing for a place on the final. This one will take place at the Cine-Teatro Dinasio Clube de Corroios, on the 31st of March.

And here are the bands....

1st Session - 24/02
. One Man Hand (Esmoriz)
. Tape Loading Error (Lisbon)
+ guest band New Connection

2nd Session - 03/03
. Meskaline (Corroios)
. Split (Coimbra)
+ guest band Dapunksportif

3rd Session - 10/03
. The Wage (Marinha Grande)
. Dioz (Gaia)
+ guest band Balla

4th Session - 17/03
. The Guys From Caravan (Lisbon)
. The Doll And The Puppets (Torres Novas)
+ guest band Triplet

5th Session - 24/03
. Skalibans (Almada)
. The Cynicals (Coimbra)
+ guest band Easyway

The final will feature the Coimbra-based rock 'n' rollers Bunnyranch.

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