Friday, February 09, 2007
The Partisan Seed (PT)

As Visions of Solitary Branches makes its intro, delicate acoustic guitar tunes move, calmly, towards us, so as to introduce us to what's next.

The melodic sounds, the sometimes sad and melancholic voice of Filipe Miranda and the delicate and slightly shy sounds coming out of the gently handled guitar, take us to an album that cohabits in similar universes to those of Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake.

The Partisan Seed is Filipe Miranda's debut album as The Partisan Seed.
After the adventures under the name of Kafka, he has returned with Visions of Solitary Branches. Here we find 14 songs that ought to be listened quietly and with the lights low.....
These are songs of reflection.... these are songs that welcome those rainy Autumn nights......

Filipe takes us into his personal world.... simple, sincere, sometimes made out of several colours, just like those of a rainbow, sharing with us his thoughts, his songs of love and sorrow.
It is difficult to go thru his music and not to get moved by the sincerity coming out of his guitar-driven lyrical proses or by the ambients created by the beauty of You know what I mean, Monica and The old garden, some of which featuring the warm and mellow vocal contribution of Lisete Santos.

Having heard before his presentation EP, I am marvelled with his return.... and what a return.

See The Partisan Seed live on:

23/02 @ Fnac Sta Catarina, Oporto
02/03 @ Fnac NorteShopping, Matosinhos
03/03 @ Fna GaiaShopping, Vila Nova de Gaia
09/03 @ ...., Espinho
17/03 @ ...., Barcelos

In case you would like to listen to more of his music, go to his MySpace, or check these two tracks, courtesy of HoneySound.

A desperate call from London
Did a gun give you a name?

His album can be bought here.

".... the album 'visions of solitary branches' is made of new and old songs, written for my bedroom walls. They talk about my people, my places... The possibility of putting some of them on record was a wonderful thing..... Hope you'll enjoy the songs. Thank you all for listening!... - Filipe Miranda"


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