Wednesday, February 14, 2007
The Video Night ...... (PL/PT)

Today we start a new feature, the so-called "The Video Night".

Every two weeks, we will bring you a selection of videos that somehow have captured our attention.

Tonight, we present you with Fat Freddy's Untitled 3, Psychocukier's Harry J., L.Stadt's Fagot Eyes and last but not least, The Vicious Five with the magnificent video for Bad Mirror.

All these have been chosen because on each one of them, animation plays a major role. Either if we're tallking about stop-motion, classic animation or even, like on Bad Mirror, using a thorough manual image treatment process. On this latest video, all the 4370 video frames have been manually reproduced, during six months, by the band itself, the video producer and friends.

And here they are.

Fat Freddy (PT)

Psychocukier (PL)

L.Stadt (PL)

The Vicious Five (PT)


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