Monday, February 05, 2007
When Portugal and Sweden collide (PT/SE)

.... a new musical project is born.

Thanks to a trompa, I discovered this interesting project that gathers musicians from Portugal and Sweden, the Stockholm Lisboa Project.

Taking the traditional music from these two countries as their departure point, they deliver us folk music soaked in fado and on the Nordic culture.

From Fado to Polka and Bluegrass, the portuguese guitar, the mandolin and the Nordic mandola have been taken on a new adventure that is bound to break some musical barriers. This adventure is led by Simon Stalspets (Svart Kaffe, Lystra and Kalabra) on Nordic mandola and harmonica, Sergio Crisostomo (At-Tambur) on violin, Liana (Liana, Fado.PT and Dazkarieh) on vocals and Luis Peixoto on bouzouki and mandolin.

Next month, they'll start a tour in Sweden, so if you're somewhere close, do not miss it!!!!

21/03 @ Jeriko, Malmo
23/03 @ Dunkers, Helsingborg
27/03 @ Folkhogskola, Sjovik
28/03 @ Stallet, Stockholm

Listen to some of their sounds right here. Discover some more at their webpage.

Hortela mourisca

".... Distant in space, under the universal language of music they found new textures and bridges between North and South, one tradition and the other.... "


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