Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Graftmann and the I Hate Wintertime 2007 Tour (PL)

"....I'm writing songs when I'm happy, when I'm sad, when I'm sleepy. I love music and i love films. I'm inspired by 80's disco lifestyle, 60's movie stars, scandinavian animals, drunk women, soft pornography, cowboys whiskey and million other beautiful things...."

Graftmann is on tour. This Krakow-based singer/song-writer packed his guitar and harmonica, and from the 25th of February to the 3rd of March, he will be exorcising these cold winter nights.

Together with his warm, personal and intimate words, the acoustic guitar notes and all the lo-fi ambients created by his music, Graftmann will offer us some of the songs out of his self-titled debut album and, perhaps, some new tracks.

You can catch him live on the following dates:

25/02 @ Jadlodajnia Filozoficzna, Warsaw
26/02 @ Dyrekcja, Bydgoszcz
28/02 @ Pod Muzami, Kalisz
01/03 @ Jazzbar Tradycja, Wloclawek
02/03 @ Stara Wozownia, Lusowo k. Poznania
03/03 @ Studio, Krakow

Listen to some of his music on his Myspace and to Sometimes Sorrow, Sometimes Happiness and Half A Moon For You, Half A Moon For Me right here.

".... You didn’t say goodbye
But I know it’s not your fault
Wait for me I’ll come to you
When the day for me is done
Half A Moon For You, Half A Moon For Me ....."

Out of Half A Moon For You, Half A Moon For Me.

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