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Talking with Zerova (PL)

In our second interview, we took around 30 minutes on a very interesting talk with Pawel Dudzinski, of the Polish band Zerova.

Responsible for one of 2006's most interesting albums and one of the best new acts for Poland's 2006, please discover more on Zerova right next.

. Who is Zerova? and how did it all start?

It all started with a Mum concert in Warsaw. We decided to go to it and after, we decided to start a band.
Even though each one of us has its own favourite kind of music, first we wanted to start a project that, later, would become more serious, starting to play together.

. After all, the references on Mum and Sigur Ros, among others, do make sense.

Exactly. It all started that way, with Mum's concert. The sound has evolved to something different, but yes...... it all started that way.

. I've read that during the recording of I Think I've Lost,
you decided to record on a quiet and isolated place. Why that choice?

Well, we can say that where we live, we have this peaceful place. Even though working on a big city, we worked on our music, around 20 km away from the city. There wasn't even mobile network.

. Something that interested me was the combination of sound and image. Image or graphic component, is it something important for Zerova? The album, the site, the photos... What is the connection behing all this?

A friend of mine and I work as an architect and graphic designer. We use these means to transform our website into something more artistic. Our photos are treated as art. After all, music is art, so here's the connection.

. And what about your live performances? Is image an important factor for you?

We always try to have a visual component in our concerts. We have some friends that prepare some animations for our concerts, and whenever possible, they join us with their material.
The music itself seems to welcome such ambients.

. And what about the CD? Once out, will it also feature all this graphic component?

We hope so. The CD ought to come out in January, February. Hope it goes ok. **
Our label is making all efforts to release it in Poland, and as well in the UK...... but mainly that it comes out as soon as possible.

. Your music is quite unique. In Poland there are as well An On Bast, At Home or So Quiet that sometimes get closer to your sound, but Zerova is always something quite unique. How has Zerova been welcome at home, in Poland?

Whevener we play live, we always had a good feedback. We have sent our material to Polskie Radio and thanks to it, we got a really good feedback and some invitations, supporting Old Time Radio, for example. Summing up, the feedback has been quite positive.

. On Herb Recordings, Polish artists rule!!! Myppa and Zerova are on the top 3, and on the majority of all the downloaded tracks. How is it been like?

A month after the release, the record seems to be doing quite well and again, we are getting a very good feedback from those who bought our music online.

. I've read that next year, Home Pop Records shall release the Split EP Zerova/Milipop. Will this happen at all?

Yes, it will. The tracks are already prepared.

. And will we listen to some new tracks?

Yes. There will be some new tracks. Two tracks of ours, two from Milipop and two remixes. So, we can say that this EP will be divided in three parts.

. And will it come out as a CD, on Home.Pop.Records, or as an internet release?

It will come out as a CD. Anyone will be able to buy it afterwards. Most likely, it will come out between February and March.

We lack this kind of releases in Poland, and this is a good chance to promote bands.

. This will be another opportunity to promote your music and get your sound to the radios. What about them? Trojka, Bis,.... Any interest?

We already aired on Trojka, on Agnieszka Szydlowska's radio show, and Novika has played some on Bis as well.

. Lets talk about Fukka'jo. Such a song can easily become your flag track. It was the first song I heard, and instantly caught my attention. The same with other people?

Fukka'jo, which does not mean anything, has gathered very good opinions. People have mentioned that they feel that music and this is something very important for us. It is a song with a very emotional side.

. On your new songs, how is Zerova going to sound like? Like Fukka'jo or different, more instrumental?

More similar to Fukka'jo. This is the road we're taking and the new songs, on the EP for example, shall sound more that way.

. 2006 is coming to an end. 2007 is right next door. What does Zerova wish for themselves this 2007?

That we keep working on the band, that we keep on having ideas and that we may play several concerts.

. Regarding the ideas, how does it all work for you? I mean, how does the composition aspect look like?

It is really simple. We all seat together. Each one of us picks its instrument and we start playing, not stopping at all. Thirty minutes, one hour.... until it makes sense. We then stop and note what we did.

. So it is more about improvisation?

In the beginning yes, but then it works as a whole.

. Well, we are running out of time and questions. A last one before calling it a deal.
What do you think about Polish music in the year 2006? What were the bands more interesting for you

I'd say The Car Is On Fire and Smolik.

** The interview was conducted in December

Zerova are to play live, in Warsaw, at the Kawiarnia AMFC Gama. The concert will start at 18h. Do not miss it.


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