Sunday, January 28, 2007
The year 2006 - Brand New Acts from PL.PT
Top 5 Polish New Acts

05. Muzykoterpia

04. Fox Gang

03. Iowa Super Soccer

02. Zerova

01. Contemporary Noise Quintet
Kuba Kapsa and his brother, Bartek Kapsa, both ex Something Like Elvis, came up with Pig Inside The Gentleman, their debut album as Contemporary Noise Quintet. This quintet, complete with Tomek Glazik, Wojtek Jachna and Pawel Urowski delivered one of the most enthusiastic records on the Polish market for 2006.

Jazz music, with a touch of improvisation. Perfect for mute, black and white film soundtracks (Goodbye Monster); ideal companionship for those cold and snowy winter afternoon, the beats and breakbeats, the astonishing sax tunes, the wild drums, the continuously "in crescendo" and tragic tunes on Even Cats Dream About Flying, make this album, a pearl to keep close to you and listen again and again and again.

Top 5 Portuguese New Acts

05. Double D Force

04. The Weatherman

03. Green Machine

02. Spartak!

01. Buraka Som Sistema
Hailing from Portugal/Angola, this Lisbon-based collective has been spreading its music across the world. Australia, Sweden, England, USA, France, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany,.... to name but a few, they've all discovered the new sounds of Portugal meets Angola .

This kuduro, kizomba, d'n'b, dub and hard-techno mix has taken everyone by suprise, making no prisoners. Kuduro and kizomba were a music genre partially ignored by some in Portugal. Thanks to BSS, this sound has conquered Portugal and is taking over the world, being compared to the phenomenon that hit us in 2005/2006 called Baile Funk.


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