Tuesday, February 20, 2007
B.I.O. Project Live in Poland (PL/FR)

Arcade video game sountracks!!!

B.I.O. Project
is Deuce, Marcin, Gangpol, Guillaumit and Gilou, a Polish/French music quintet, born in Budapest, after these musicians run into each other.

With Deuce and Gangpol in charge of the sound machine, Guillaumit, Gilou and Marcin take care of the visual part of this bizarre but quite appealing pop meets electro, bingo bango spectrum world.
Their music takes us to a colourful and kinky old pub, where a band on stage, sings along to the bits and bytes coming out of a karaoke machine, that insists on giving us the best music our beloved spectrum 64 computer ever delivered!!! All this shaken with traditional Hungarian tunes and a lot of sampling (people, radio, street noises, toys,....).

Their visual component is inspired on the city they met in, Budapest. Its tradition, architecture, people and dynamism are the perfect screenplay for the short stories we are introduced as we take off with B.I.O. Project's on this trip to the unknown.

Currently B.I.O. Project are on tour in Poland, taking their sound to the cities of Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Warsaw and Lodz. Next, they'll head to France, Belgium and Hungary.

Take a break and dance to the sounds of Budapest via the Poland/France express!!!!

Listen to some of their music at their MySpace.

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