Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Merzbau's netlabel is 2 years old (PT)

Merz works - art pieces built up of found objects. Some very small; other taking the form of large constructions, later to known as installations. One of these installations, by the German Kurt Schwitters, was called Merzbau.

Merzbau is also a music label that decided to change the music made in Portugal.

Born on the year 2000, they were first dedicated to music in general. Later on, they set up themselves to promote musical projects that, following a certain sound and ideas, could bring something new and interesting to music in general.

Two years ago they created their netlabel, where projects not aimed to big audiences and that, normally, are disregarded by the music industry, would find their place. Promoting new bands and projects, and taking music a step forward is something they have decided to take on their shoulders as well.

20 online EPs and 3 cds after, they are celebrating their second anniversary.

Lobster, Debut!, Goodbye Toulouse, Jesus the Misunderstood, Lemur and Noiserv, among many others, are some of the names Merzbau's netlabel introduced us to. All their releases can be found right here.

This February will see their music celebration taking place all over Portugal.
Go and celebrate with them.

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