Monday, February 12, 2007
Rock according to Tape Loading Error (PT)

Imagine yourself pressing the repeat button over and over again.

Imagine yourself turning the stereo volume up.

Imagine yourself getting your lazy arse to move to some damn good tracks.

Got the idea? I did, because I cannot stop listening to the Tape Loading Error's demo.

TLE is Rodrigo and his fellow companion, his computer. Together they're responsible for the electrifying sounds coming out of your stereo. Catchy refrains, distorced vocals and fast guitar riffs that grab your attention from the very first minute.

Even though TLE debuted last year with a home made demo, it all started in the year 2005. The idea behind it was to play at the music contest Equalizador Lx 06, where, he managed to make it up to the final.

His music takes part of a new breed of interesting projects blooming out of Portugal. U-Clic, Woman In Panic and Peltzer are some of these, to name but a few.

With some new material to share with us pretty soon (the track Goodbye was presented during his last concert in Lisbon's Lounge bar and It's always greener on the other side shall be released within the next couple of weeks), this is one of those projects we are pleased to recommend you.

His demo can be downloaded, freely, at his site.

We highly recommend Murphy's Law, Today and the magnificent Staring right at you.

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