Monday, February 05, 2007
Coming soon ... to a store near you .... (PT)
2007 will see some interesting records hitting the stores. Among some long-awaited debuts, others will add a new chapter to their musical stories.


Norton will release this year their fourth long-play, after Make Me Sound E.P., Pictures From Our Thoughts and the remix album Frames>Remixes&Versions.

As they put it on their MySpace, "... We just thought that March is too long to keep you waiting so we've posted two new songs on MySpace from our upcoming album Kersche..."

These two songs are Cinnamon & Wine, the first single, and Balcony, featuring Nuno Goncalves of The Gift.

Cinnamon & Wine shall hit the radios and tv sets quite soon and, hopefully, we'll be able to put the video right here, on the screen.....

With a new line-up, Corsage are to release their follow-up to 2004's self-titled debut album.

Pedro Temporao, Henrique Amoroso, Carlos A. Santos, Damiao and the newcomers Sanja Chakarun and Rui Coelho are responsible for these cool and loose sexy and melodic cabaret pop songs.

The music smells to their debut album, mainly to the magnific Wedding by the mall, but has taken a step forth, as one can see on the 3 tracks we are shown on their MySpace. Drop by and let them know about it.

See them live on the 23rd of February, at Musicbox, in Lisbon

After the release of the vibrating and fresh Tora Tora last year, the Lisbon-based collective Tora Tora Big Band are to present their second album next month. This will take place on the 9th of March, at Santiago Alquimista, in Lisbon.

Meanwhile, drop by their MySpace and listen to Kika Santos' warm voice on the newest Elephants run.

This is their first song featuring live vocals and it sounds quite promising. Let March come!!!!

Others to come include Micro Audio Waves' Odd Size Baggage, Umbigu's Anatomia Electronica, Tree Valley's self-titled album and the Velvet Underground Portuguese Tribute album, Velvet Underground Revisited.


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