Saturday, February 17, 2007
Fox Gang Live (PL)

A very special Saturday night....

Every weekend, crowds head to Krakow's city center in order to enjoy their Saturday night evening. Known for its immensely popular discos and pubs, Krakow held last Saturday evening something somehow different.........

Yesterday Awaria saw Fox Gang playing another gig in their short but quite busy career. One year after their start, this was their 51st concert!!!!

The concert started a bit later than supposed, so all those eager to see Fox Gang live did not miss anything. It was around 21h30 when Ryan, Joe, Lucas, Thomas, Ian and Rafal gave it a go. The tiny stage and dance floor (!?!?!) seemed ok for both the audience and the band to give freedom to their Fox Gangisz mad dancing classes.

The music they play is tough to fit in any kind, but then again, why bother?
By looking at those at my side, I could say I was attending a techno/trance and a Robert Palmer concert at the same time!!!! This is the amazing thing about their music. It reaches and contaminates all those listening and each one reacts
to it on its own way.

Going back to the gig, fact is that these six lads are not capable to play live and not deliver themselves to it completely. Each concert is a celebration! Each concert is a huge party! Each concert is a mad music session that can last up to three hours if not more and this one was no exception.

During three hours, they played their unique mixture of Calexico's moody background indie rock, reggae and punk music, always with a remarkable stage presence and commitment.

Songs like EasyJet, Warsaw Song, White English, Fish Song and Summer and the Fur are among those we had occasion to listen to, as most likely, all the others they ever played. With two breaks during their set, FG played and the audience danced as if there would be no tomorrow.
It is guaranteed that if you drop at any of their concerts you'll follow all the others on this tremendous party. In a city where people often prefer to attend a rock concert sitting comfortably, one thing I'm sure; with Fox Gang the story is different!!!!

The evening was to end to the sound of several covers with Lucas mutating into the human beatbox and taking over the mic. Massive Attack's Safe From Harm and Joy Division's Transmission where some of those extras we had the pleasure to listen.

Be under the influence of Fox Gang on the following dates. For now, just in Krakow. Soon, hopefully, in a city near you, because
the time has come for Poland to discover and dance to the sound of the gang, the Fox Gang.

22/02 @ Tytus i Koka, together with Eluktrick.
24/02 @ Cafe Szafe.
02/03 @ Nathan's Villa.
10/03 @ Stary Port.
17/03 @ Club PRL.
22/03 @ Club Imbir.

Get Easyjet at Music@PL.PT's online compilation or at their site, together with White English.

For further songs, drop by their MySpace. Ah, and drop them a message.

If it wouldn't be for Fox Gang, Easyjet would not be the same!!!!


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