Saturday, February 17, 2007
Arena Rock (PT)

The Arena Rock elimination series is about to start. 24 bands will compete for a spot on this year's edition of Festival Vilar de Mouros.

Divided into six elimination phases and a final concert, this first edition will see its start today with the concerts of Ironic Speech, Moon Cresta, Paranoid and Alison Bentley.

Welcoming these bands, the Auditorio de Arcos de Valdevez will see as well Blunder performing live. Hosting the other concerts will be Andre Indiana, Blind Zero, Loto and Mesa.

And here are the scheduled concerts...

1st Arena @ Auditorio de Arcos de Valdevez, 17/02

1st round: Ironic Speech (Caminha) vs. Moon Cresta (Vigo - Spain)
2nd round: Paranoid (Vigo - Spain) vs. Alison Bentley (V.N.Famalicao)

2nd Arena @ Feira/Mercado da Trofa, 24/02

1st round: The Moss (Oporto) vs. Rizoma (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil)
2nd round:: Half Tone (V.N.Gaia) vs. Ecos (Sto Tirso)

3rd Arena @ Tertulia Castelense - Castelo da Maia, 03/03

1st round: Plasmma (Arouca) vs. Bed Noise (Matosinhos)
2nd round: Skeezos (Maia) vs. Mcalister (Irlanda/Oporto)

4th Arena @ Bla Bla – Matosinhos, 09/03

1st round: Dust (Oporto) vs. Sonic Whip (V.N.Gaia)
2nd round: Rebel Monks (Oporto) vs. Aphonnic (Vigo - Spain)

5th Arena @ Lotus Bar - Cascais, 23/03

1st round: Uni-form (Queluz) vs. Enday (Cascais)
2nd round: Fita Cola (Coimbra) vs. Capsula (Buenos Aires - Argentina)

6th Arena @ In Live - Moita, 24/03

1st round: Dr. Zilch (Amadora) vs Bar (Lisbon)
2nd round: Phazer (Lisboa) vs Eratoxica (USA)

Final Arena @ Casa das Artes de V.N.Famalicao
, 31/03


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