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Mariza Live in Lisbon and in Poland (MZ/PT)

".... Having the river and the Tower, the place where the boats left to make their discoveries in the 16th Century... going to india and Africa.... Being in that place, singing fado was very emblematic that night....."**

In 2005 Mariza gave a concert to around 25000 persons, by the river Tagus, in front of the Torre de Belem, in Lisbon, together with the orchestra "Sinfonietta de Lisboa" and conducted by Jaques Morelenbaum (producer of Mariza's previous album Transparente and known for working with Caetano Veloso for the past years).

One year later, in 2006, this Concerto em Lisboa comes out as a cd/dvd release, bringing back that memorable night, by the river. Music from her latest record and as well from her first and second albums are featured on this release.

This is a unique occasion to listen to her astonishing voice and to be marvelled by her amazing charisma. Concerto em Lisboa showcases some of her previous work, now with new arrangements, populated with the melancholic cello of Jaques M. and the overwhelming ambient and "soul" created by the Sinfonietta de Lisboa. Among these 18 tracks there are some pearls such as Ha uma musica do povo, Cavaleiro Monge, Duas lagrimas de orvalho or Amalia Rodrigues' O gente da minha terra.

This Mozambique born "cantadeira de fados" is currently on tour promoting her latest record.

The sounds of Lisbon's Mouraria will land in Warsaw, on the 22nd of February, at the Sala Kongressova, as part of the Era Jazz Festival.

Do not miss this chance to see one of Portugal's most promissing artists.

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Listen to some of her music right here.

Maria Lisboa

O gente da minha terra
Ha uma musica do povo
Duas lagrimas de orvalho

Get Mariza's Concerto em Lisboa right here:

in Poland
in Portugal
Everywhere else

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