Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Shangri-La by Wraygunn (PT)
Lord, I'll never turn back .... No more..

Ever felt the need for something extra?

Ever felt the need for something that could lift you off the ground, and take you away from the day to day boredom? Yes? So you've come to the right place!!!
Welcome to Shangri-la, the amazing follow-up to Wraygunn's highly acclaimed second release Esclesiastes 1.11.

If on their previous release Paulo Furtado and his fellow companions were more into the world of gospel, this time, they've put it behind their backs and went more rock, more blues, more soul, and guess what, there's even a taste of funk, pop, punk and electronic music.

Blues going punk (with the explosive and highly addictive Love Letters from a Muthafucka); pop kissing electronic music; devilish gospel embracing soul (with the divine gospel-like choirs of two amazing ladies, Selma Uamusse and Raquel Ralha). On this third release, we see mainly Raquel Ralha enchanting us with her powerful and seductive vocals. Together with Selma Uamusse they are the voice wispering behind your hear, taking you deeper into the world of Shangri-La.

The album kicks off with Ain't it Nice, the perfect introduction to the 12 chapters to come next. By the second track, and while singing Love Is My New Drug, we come together with Raquel and Selma and their powerful, soulful and melodic vocal contribution, while Mr. Paulo Furtado is left to his guitar. Ain't it Nice reveals as well Raquel's writting skills.

A couple of weeks ago, when I first listened to Go Go Dancer, this album's first single, I was left a bit in doubt. The track, at that time, failed to conquer me at first listening. Today, together with Love Letters from a Muthafucka, Hoop Hoola Woman, No More, My Lord and some other tracks, this is among my favourites. Then again, can you really list any track that you would not include here?

Going forth, we encounter Hoop Hoola Woman, the first track sailing on the seas of calmness. Seductive pop, dreamy and catchy..... How beautiful music can be!!!

Until the end, there's still time to discover Work Me Out, a dirty rock'n'roll guitar soul anthem, with Raquel and Selma sounding amazing once again.
These two ladies do it again on the closing track, No More, My Lord. This gospel spiced soul version starts smoothly. Then, the chorus sounds louder and louder. The guitar gets noisier, trapped in addictive loops. Altogether, this whirlwind of sounds finished Shagri-La at it's best.

Shangri-la includes guests Vidal (Blind Zero) and Matt Verta-Rey (Speedball and Heavy Trash).

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