Thursday, June 21, 2007
Unisexblues according to Kasia Nosowska (PL)
It took this lady 7 years to release her next solo album. After the release of Sushi back in 2000, Hey's lead singer, Kasia Nosowska, is back with a pack full of surprises!! To be precise, 14 on total.

For a year that, somehow, musically did not want to kick off, Nosowska and her UniSexBlues have certainly shaken the foundations, and let's hope, opened the doors for the other six months still to go..... But, let's go back to this record, her fourth solo release.

Unlike previous records, UniSexBlues does not include Smolik on the production credits but indeed Marcin Macuk, producer and musician (Pogodno).

The difference is felt the minute the record starts playing. Era Retuszera, the first single out of UniSexBlues, has nothing to do with her previous electronic pop adventures. Catchy, filled with punk drunk pop tunes. A track that won't leave many indifferent, as the beats quickly will put anyone's lazy butt on the move!!

With guests Stanislaw Soyka, Jaroslaw Trelinski (Raz Dwa Trzy), Tomasz Duda and Yumiko Ishijima (from the Japanese group Papaya Paranoia), Kasia Nosowska does not limit herself to one kind of music. Rather, she uses all the help available and goes for a walk on the avenues of pop music, hand in hand with electronic beats, delicate spacey melodies and r'n'b. On the way, she has the time to greet some fast arse kicking rock tracks, to visit Goldfrapp (Metempsyho and My Faith Is Stronger Than The Hills), The Cardigans (Kasitet Romans) or a revitalized Patti Smyth (UniSexBlues).

Even though the record does not follow a straight line, all the constant "mood" changes do not jeopardize it; on the contrary, it shows us how far this lady can go, how creative she is and gives us nothing but one of the best Polish records this year, mine so far.

It is quite difficult to highlight some of these tracks. There's the first single, Era Retuszera, the r'n'b break beat spiced Grand Prix, the electro pop of Makro and the catchy dreamy pop of Kasitet Romans. Others include My Faith Is Stronger Than the Hills (out of a Emily Dickinson poem), the title-track UniSexBlues, the electro Metempsycho, the Madonna look-alike Odrobina Dyskomfortu..... Basically, a record where one find easily a single to release.....

This record can be bough right here, on normal version, or just following the link to a special edition. Do it, as you won't regret.

Here are some previews out of thisUniSexBlues.

Era Retuszera

Grand Prix
Nerwy i Wiktoriańscy Lekarze
Kasitet Romans
My Faith Is Stronger Than The Hills


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