Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Hayden Berry - What Do You Believe In? (UK/PL)
Today Krakow is a city where one constantly runs into foreigners. There are those here on vacations; there are those just passing by, and then, those that once came and for one reason or another decided to stay.

Hayden Berry is a singer/songwriter hailing from West Yorkshire, England. He is one of those that decided to stay and good for us he did so.

Likened to some heavy weight alt-country, singer/songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tim Buckley, Neil Young and Nick Drake, Hayden has been around the music business for more than 15 years. Some years ago, he decided to embarked on his own, writing and performing melancholic acoustic/folk songs. Songs that talk about lost loves, about politics, about hope and personal journeys.

In Krakow, he can often be seen playing live with Teresa Lipinski. This lady, owner of a beautiful and remarkable voice, has brought a whole new life to Hayden's music, making it sound "more complete".

After the 2004 debut album Music from my Mountain and last year's Moving Along, this year sees What Do You Believe In? presenting a renewed Hayden Berry.
The album kicks off with Can You Feel It? and right here, we meet 2007's Hayden Berry. A new path has been drawn and the melancholic side put slightly away. White, the following track, keeps on the same path. On the way, there's still time for some catchy tunes, and yes, pop tracks.

The album keeps rolling and suddenly, we dive, though shortly, on the seas of melancholy he's so good coming up with. Then, we take a trip back on time and visit the tunes from the flower-pop/hippie era. All spiced up with the sounds of an extra French horn and keyboards.

With Music from my Mountain, Hayden signed one of his best albums so far. Have a look at his MySpace and judge it for yourself.
Listen to my favourites Can You Feel It?, We Two Boys Clinging and Pull Down The Flag, plus another track out of Music from My Mountain, The River of Your Eyes.

In case you're interested on Hayden's music, drop him a message.


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