Tuesday, June 12, 2007
We're back......
After several weeks only updating the concert database, videos and other sidebar items, Music@PL.PT is back.

Lots of things took place during this time not allowing me to update this blog properly. I hope to make it more frequently now.

Meanwhile, I'm looking at introducing some changes here. Hopefully you've noticed some of them: The Recommended Festival bar. Every week, we'll propose a festival (music, theatre, cinema,......) taking place in our PL.PT universe.

Using Music@PL.PT's Last.Fm site, we've included our playlist with some of our favourite tracks coming from both PL and PT. Have a look at it, and let us know what you think about it.

New features to follow will include The MySpace Discoveries, an item presenting you some of the most interesting new proposals to be found at this service, Our Favourites So Far, a feature to include our favourite albums of the week, with a link to a site where these can be bought and last, but not least, Labels Under The Radar, a monthly article on a label that has been taking either Polish or Portuguese music forth.

Hope to count on you for some more suggestions or ideas. I'm looking at changing the blog's header as well. Ideas are welcome.

Apart from that, I'd like to thank all those that dropped by the concert Music@PL.PT organised last month, gathering The Midnight Reverie Trio, New Century Classics and Zerova. Thank you all, for it was a big success. Thank all the information services that decided to give a hand.

A very big tks for these three magnificent bands and their support after I was refused both some equipment and sound technician by the club where this event took place. A very special thank you to Pawel Dusza for driving almost two hours to get some of this equipment.

Hopefully this has not been the last event we've organised.

Take care



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