Monday, July 23, 2007
Under the Radar with ...... Popo (PL)
Welcome to the first Under the Radar.

The opening honours go to Popo, or shall I say Potrzebuje Powietrza, the Polish for I Need Air (in English). Popo are an indie rock quartet that come rocking from Bydgoszcz to place near you.

Mikolaj Czajkowski, on vocals and bass guitar; Sebastian Loskot, on vocals and keyboards; Tomasz Wojtaniec, on vocals and guitar; and Kuba "Qba" Janicki, on percussion and programming are the masterminds behind the textures and flowing emotions, the catchy melodies and aesthetic sounds they came up with.

Post rock driven, electronic music flavoured, blessed with the magic powders of pop music and haunted by the spectrum of the 80's new wave, Popo are here to conquer a place on the sunny side of Poland's new music scene. Their music is all about freshness and rhythm, sounding new and attractive to those who love indie, electronic or pop music.

Going back to the year 2005, with a pause in between, it was only by mid 2006 that this quartet has had the line-up settled up. With only one EP so far, the 3 track Playground EP released this year, they are about to see the track Get The Bus and Stop to Kidnap make it to Trojka's Piotr Stelmach's compilation Offensywa #2, and hopefully make it to several others that did not have the chance to meet them so far.

The electrifying and highly recommended Get the Bus and Stop to Kidnap, Potrzebuje Powietrza and Hello Disco are waiting for you. Playground EP can be found on their MySpace.

This October they'll hit the road. Catch them on the.....

1st of October, Torun
2nd of October, Poznan
3rd of October, Wroclaw @ Bezsennosc
4th of October, Krakow @ B-side
5th of October, Lodz @ Big Day Over
6th of October, Warsaw
7th of October, Bydgoszcz @ Mozg

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