Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Buraka Som Sistema (PT) .......
These guys are simply unstoppable!!!!

After Glastonbury and Roskilde Festival, Buraka Som Sistema continue their kuduro meets techno meets funk meets drum 'n' bass tour around Europe, hitting some of the most interesting festivals and venues on the old continent..... but not only.

Check out a brand new interview on Fact Magazine, as well as an older article, and other interviews on BBC, and myvillage.com, plus a one page article on Dummy magazine.

So, what are you waiting for? Check them live on....

11th of July w/ Lil'John + Riot + Kalaf (Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET) @ Tamariz, Estoril, Portugal

14th of July @ Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia

20th of July w/ Lil'John + Riot (Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET) @ Fabric, London, England

22nd of July @ LoveBox, London, England

3rd of August @ Festival Sudoeste, Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal

19th of August @ Pantiero Festival, Cannes, France

23rd of August / Lil'John + Riot (Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET) @ Mare de Agosto, Santa Maria, Azores

2nd of September, Buraka Som Sistema DJ SET @ Rock n Coke Festival, Istanbul, Turkey

7th of September @ Bestival, Isle of Wight, England

..... and now....

BSS live @ Tapete, MTV, with Yah! feat. Petty.

and a special 13th of May BSS contribution to the Gato Fedorento show....

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