Tuesday, July 10, 2007
On Tour with ...... Terrakota (PT)
After the release of the refreshing and quite exciting Oba Train, Terrakota's recent new album, the time has come for this collective to pack their bags and hit the road.

On the next few months, we shall see them playing live not only in Portugal but as well in Spain, France and Italy.

Let us all welcome Terrakota!!!!

14th of July @ Festival Serra da Estrela, Portugal

15th of July @ Festa da Diversidade, Lisbon, Portugal

19th of July @ University of Burgos, Burgos, Spain

20th of July @ Festival Delta, Lisbon, Portugal

22nd of July @ Tavira, Portugal

24th of July @ Festigal, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

27th of July @ Burgos, Spain

28th of July @ Festival Fiest'A Sete, France

11th of August @ Peniche, Portugal

17th of August @ Barreiro, Portugal

19th of August @ Castell Visbal, Catalunya, Spain

6th of September @ Acqua Viva Festival, Siena, Italy

7th of September @ Semintesta Festival, Frascati, Italy

11th of September @ Festival Lusitano, Salerno, Italy

"....From TerraKota flourishes a natural music deep rooted in the Black continent, inspired by the Saharan, Caribbean, Hindu and the Western sounds that rise under the Jamaican sun.
In most cases, African music is simply the expression of life through sounds in which the musician beyond imitating the sounds of nature,using natural musical instruments, also reverses this process using the sounds of nature in its music. This is TerraKota's motive.

They use African traditional and popular harmonies and rhythms, playing various instruments from all over the world, further to the usual Western instruments such as bass,guitar and drums. They perform a careful fusion in which every new sound has its space in the web under which the themes develop.
In a time in which the majority of the western modern music variants seems to head to a dead end, many Western musicians are turning to new features from all over the world. They aim to create fresh sounds and give to their music the soul it lacks to find in the Western world in which a single human brain in front of a mega computer produces almost everything. It is as if just like planet Earth,in an advanced stage of degradation,the western music also needed a catharsis,a return to the natural state to be able to breathe again...." taken from their MySpace.



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