Monday, July 30, 2007
Under the Radar with ...... Myppa (PL)
On our second Under the Radar, we continue in Poland, the land of great vodka, bigos and amazing electronic music.

Tonight we step into the world of Myppa. Tonight we step into the word of Marcin Czajka and another project of his.

After getting a degree on Film and Television Academy in Warsaw, Marcin started his music project Myppa. We were then on the year 2005.

One year later, we would see him coming up with Altruistic Behaviours, his debut album under the skin of Myppa. Dig no further than Sigur Ros and all the companions from the vast and mysterious Scandinavian lands of ice.

The whispers of the North European auroras can be heard here. Beautifully constructed textures take us to those imaginary places difficult to reach on our day to day lives. Epic sounds, melancholic and delicate electronic tunes that reach deep in our souls, letting us feel so cosy and relaxed.

Close your eyes and imagine this place where, laying down, you can hear the sea waves kissing the soft bright spots laying on the dark skies. Imagine......

This 2007 may see another of Myppa's releases coming out. Two tracks, Sandcastle and I'm Seven Meters Tall are available at his MySpace, alongside with two other tracks from his debut album.

But this is not all of it......

Recently, I discovered that Marcin Czajka, a.k.a. Myppa, is running another project. This projectgives by the name of Myppa Manila.

Myppa Manila is closely connected to Myppa. This is the project where Marcin delivers the tracks that do not fit into Myppa's profile. Do not let this last sentence make you think of Myppa Manila's as the project handling the rests. Here you can find enchanting melodies, incredibly emotional beats and inspired remixes. Just have a look at the beautiful remixes for Sigur Ros'Smaskifa and Samskeyti. In case this is not enough, listen to Children's Painting and Shiny Nat at his MySpace.

After all, this Under the Radar is not about one band only. This Under the Radar is about Marcin Czajka and his amazing two blossoming projects, Myppa and Myppa Manila.

Get yourself a copy of Altruistic Behaviours right here:
UK Trance Alliance

Previews right here.

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