Saturday, July 07, 2007
Extracerebral by Mr.S (PL)
Sometimes music can look just like wine. Some years are just nothing special, with the normal releases but nothing extraordinary. There are others that simply become perfect years, when you expect nothing but vintages.

This just to say that Poland, this year, is having one of these latter years, at least when concerning electronic music.

After the magnificent Indian Salon, by Stealpot, time for another excellent release. This time, the honours go to Mr. S, a Bydgoszcz-based young artist and his debut album, Extracerebral.

This 13 track album, released on the British label Artificial Bliss Recordings, cruises the vast seas of electronic music, inspired and spiced with jazz performances, downtempo textures, incredibly addictive break beats, electro pop tales and fluffy ambient magical tunes.

This amazing musical pot, together with the warm and delicate vocal contribution of Natalia Braciszewska and the collection of live instruments make this Extracerebral a superb release, moreover being Mr. S's debut, and an album to stick by within the next few months.

Apart from gathering the singles RooM23 and the great Les Enfants Mortes, there is still time for the downtempo pop Hemisphere Left, the ambient and break beat flavoured Super)(nova, Hemisphere Right and the title-track Extracerebral, the sci-fi soundtrack inspired Second Thought, the eclectic beats, rhythm and textures of SuAve, Chernobyl Karma (live) and Coda: Sunscale. The only disappointment comes with HPS, a pop and slightly boring track that distances itself from what we've listened so far, closer to Ania Dabrowska's 2006 release.

Keep an eye on Mr.S. He will be performing live on the 30th of August in Szczecin.

Extracerebral can be bought on the following sites:




Listen to an album mix right on Mr.S's MySpace, some other tracks at his or download, right next, the track super)(nova. More mp3s to be found at Wirtualna Polska.

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