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New releases from PL.PT
For the last couple of weeks I've received several interesting EPs from some of the newest Polish and Portuguese acts. Next, I'll present you four of these releases. Welcome to the new sounds of The Ossis, Katabatic, Fox Gang and Borges. Apart from it, it is quite interesting to see that all of these bands took part on the compilation Thirty Something New Tales from PL.PT put together earlier this year.

We start with The Ossis and their brand new EP Ossis vs. Wessis.

This Wroclaw-based trio is back with their indie pop and alt rock tunes on this 5 track EP, and this time with a melodica that has given some more emphasis on their music.

They are still travelling over a wide sound spectrum (the 70's, 80's and 90's pop and rock are present within this release) but this time, the band delivers us a couple of songs rich in melody and energy that will catch your attention for sure.

Often Polish bands feel some difficulties singing in English. With The Ossis and, mainly, with Janek, the difference is minimal, regardless if he sings in English or Polish.

Out of these 5 tracks, our choice goes to the opening track, the Polish sung Wroclaw and the the excelent closing track Updating Family Trees.

Discover The Ossis by yourself. Check them out on their MySpace or download two tracks right here.

Updating Family Trees

Their EP can be ordered right here.

For further info on The Ossis, check the interview Janek gave us some months ago.


The first time I heard about this band was by the time I was putting up together the compilation Thirty Something New Tales from PL.PT. I got some information on them and by then, I knew they had to take part on it.

The EP kicks out with 03:17:00, the track Katabatic included on the compilation mentioned above.

With Hugo, on guitar, vocals and percussion, Joao, on bass and synth, Jose, on drums and Tiago, on guitar, this Lisbon-based post-rock noise quartet continues creating a world of their own, where calm and inspiring backgrounds clash with distorted, loopy and noisy guitars. The Munchausen Syndrome is a good example of it.

This release, Vago, comes packed with a 5 track EP plus a short film for the music trilogy O Ceu Aterrou.

O Ceu Aterrou is divided into three parts: Rising Nebula, Falling Purple Blue and Midnight Glow.

Rising Nebula is the introduction to this 21 minutes sound adventure. It starts quietly, evolves throughout its five minutes, creating relaxing ambients, into what comes next, Falling Purple Blue, a track where the percussion and guitar play a more important role. The song picks up where Rising Nebula ends and takes it across several states of mind, ending in a noisy guitar/drum battle.

The EP ends with Midnight Glow, the third part of this O Ceu Aterrou. Spider webs drawn with the sound of fingertips dancing over guitar chords. The rest... is a little suprise.

This EP can be bought at their MySpace, where you can download as well two tracks, 03:17:00 and O Ceu Aterrou - Falling Purple Blue.


Wor Jacky is Fox Gang's first release "packed in a nice box" as they put it themselves.
This 4 track EP documents the performance held at Radio Krakow late last year. Out of the eleven tracks recorded by then, only four made it this time.

Wor Jacky is released with the perfect timming, when Fox Gang started to tour outside Krakow and before they embark on a new UK tour this August.

Home Is So Sad, Cheesewire, Wor Jacky and the superb Nichola capture only part of what Fox Gang stands for. The energy, the madness and the never ending party are difficult to pack within these 18 minutes. Furthermore, Ryan's vocals do not look that good in tracks like Home Is So Sad or Cheesewire.

Nevertheless, do not let this take you away from this record. It is worth every penny or zloty. As an habitue to their concerts, I was waiting for this for long. The expectations were high and they managed to overcome it, not letting you down, even though I think this band reached its peak when playing live. Nichola is the track that takes us closer to the ideal Fox Gang. Play it damn loud and you'll get what I mean.

In order to get Wor Jacky, please check their MySpace.

Check them live on the following dates:

6th of July @ Plac Sczepanski, Krakow, PL
15th of August @ Whistlebinkies, Edinburgh - Fringe, UK
16th of August @ Centurion's, Newcastle, UK
18th of August @ The Quay, Blyth, UK
19th of August @ The Tyne Bar, Newcastle, UK

Take a look on EasyJet at Thirty Something New Tales from PL.PT.

Read more on Fox Gang right here.


Let Me Take You For a Walk On The Wild Side. The title for Borges' debut EP opens the book in front of you and invites you to take part on this ambient and colourful world of melodies and funny sounds.

It all started back in 2005. Georges Borges, vocals, sampler and synths, Eleanor Azedine, guitar and vocals, Luisa Santiago, bass, synths and vocals, and Ruy de Souza, percussion and rhythm, got together and decided to put together several ideas they had been working on.

Then, in a little room, they composed what turned up to be the Borges EP, a 4 track EP, released on their own and now, re-released on the Dutch label MoocSound under a new name and with an extra track, the hidden track number 5.

The EP, which stars guest Janine on vocals on the tittle track, Let me take you for a
walk on the wildside
, is a trip into the world of acoustic sounds, sampling,
pop and electronic music, where delicate melodies, sexy and tempting vocals,
ambient electronic beats and a percussion section marry so perfectly,
delivering us these fine tunes.

Let yourself go with Borges. Catch them at MoocSound or at their MySpace.

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