Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Capitao Fantasma and Viva Cadaver (PT)
The bells are ringing for those who passed away long long ago!!!!

Some of these perish forever, others .......return!!!!!

This 2007 four riders dressed in black have returned from the dead to celebrate the dark alleys, the life of lust, the black & white horror movies and the scary monsters that haunt our dreams....

After the release of Contos do Imaginario e do Bizarro back in 1996, Capitao Fantasma are back with a 14 track album where one can find a new recording for Os mortos, a track that goes back to their 1992 debut album Hu Ua Ua and a cover for Daniel Bacelar's Se Eu Enlouquecer.

Almost 20 years after Capitao Fantasma started this crusade, Jorge Bruto, on vocals, and Tiago Serio (drums), from the original line-up, are back and this time they brought Andre Joaquim, on guitar, and Braulio Alexandre together with them. Together these four men continue spreading their cursed rock 'n' roll and psychobilly tunes with stories on love, sex and alcohol, not forgetting their sweeter side, bringing the stories on monsters, death and violence!!!

During these 38 minutes you will not find an album that smells to a "brand new sound". Capitao Fantasma have drunk from the same fountain as Poison Ivy and Lux Interior, from the Cramps, and the result is obvious. 14 tracks that breathe energy, and lots of it!!!! 14 tracks that are what psychobilly stands for. 14 damn good tracks, that's it!!!!

After all, who needs novelties when you have Viva Cadaver!!!!!

Take part on this amazing horror story on the following dates:

15th of July @ Hey Ho... Let´s Go Summer Fest! [with Marky Ramone], Cine Teatro Corroios

15th of August @ Torres Novas' City parties.

Viva Cadaver can be bought right here. Just follow the link. Deliveries Worldwide.

Do not forget to listen to some of their stories on their MySpace.

Capitao Fantasma - Cidade Suja

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