Thursday, December 21, 2006
Woman in Panic (PT)

Woman in Panic is a one man project led by Pedro Lourenco, of You Should Go Ahead.

Electronic music with an arse kickin’ rock attitude, connected to the electro sounds of Kraftwerk and other electro punk bands from the 80’s. Electro, synthesisers and other machines…...

This adventure started on the year 2000 with the Jovens Criadores contest in mind. Later, after some collaborations and new tracks, two tracks found its way to the American Label, Samurai Records, and shall be released in one of their compilations.

In some of his live performances, part of the machinery is replaced by a live band, (composed by some of his friends), giving a more organic touch to his music.

Hopefully, 2007 shall see him releasing his debut album.

To find out more on his music, visit his MySpace and download Instead of making bleed right here.


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