Saturday, December 02, 2006
Back from the grave ... (PT)

The punk rockers The Parkinsons and the garage, 60's beat rock'n'roll devils The Prostitutes are to play tonight, the 2nd of December, at the Porto Rio bar, guess where...... in Oporto.

This is a unique chance to see live, the energy, the chaos and the dirty, loud, fast and rude music celebration brought by these Portuguese/British London-based rock'n'roll punks. Likened to The Stooges, The Clash and MC5 expect the unexpected!!!
After putting an end to their activity back in 2004, they returned this year, after accepting an invitation from London pub Dirty Water.

The rock'n'rollers The Protitutes are currently recording an album to come out still this year and that shall take them on an European tour.

More on The Prostitutes can be found here.

The Parkinsons - Bad girl
The Prostitutes - Hungry

To buy any The Parkinsons' album, follow this link.

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