Monday, April 24, 2006
A bit too late, but here they are.... The Prostitutes (PT)

Get your cowboy boots and leather jacket on. Step inside the bar. The band is playing. Get youself a beer...... and sing along.

Elvis is around us, so is rock'n'roll....... and The Prostitutes.

Filipe, on vocals and lead guitar, Oscar, on rhythm guitar, Pedro, on bass, and Ivo, on drums, are storming the country from their home town, Oporto, bring us the 60's, rock'n'roll....raw, melodic, as it should be.

Get their EP free of charge @ You Are Not Stealing Records, or just follow the links bellow.

The Prostitutes - Live at Porto-Rio (Cover: Front / Back)

01 Hungry (Highly Rec.)
02 Strange Love
03 Nitrus
04 Squad Car
05 Dragster
06 Ace of Spades
07 Give It To Me
08 Mr.Pharmacist
09 I Can Only Give You Everything (Highly Rec.)
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