Monday, December 11, 2006
Sergio Godinho goes Ligacao Directa (PT)

6 years after the release of Lupa, singer/songwriter Sergio Godinho is back with Ligacao Directa, one of 2006's most interesting records made in PT, and one of his best albums released during these last years.

Our singer/songwritter by excellence returned with a marvellous album, an x-ray taken on Portugal year 2006. An album, superbly written, where stories of love meet with those of tremendous irony, humour and clever wit. A caricature of the Portuguese society version 21st century - reality shows, celebrity magazine heroes, our ridiculous criticism, our pessimism with roots dig deep down and, on the other side, our sudden bursts of confidence and happiness.

An album where tracks like A deusa do amor, O As da negacao, As vezes o amor or the great So neste Pais are sure to write their names on the book of portuguese music classics.

Portuguese popular music.

Pop songs with a touch of today's world.

For those that have never heard about Sergio, I would compare him to the genius of Marek Grechuta, Neil Young or Bob Dylan. You can discover some more of his work at this Fan MySpace site.

After 3 decades sharing with us some of the most beautiful music made in Portugal, we welcome this Ligacao Directa. This week, a 3 in 1, here at Music@PL.PT: Album of the week, video "... @ the screen" and album review.

Album tracklist:

01 - A deusa do amor
02 - As vezes o amor
03 - Marcha Centopeia
04 - Nao ha duas como ela
05 - O velho samurai
06 - O Rei do Zum-zum
07 - No circo Monteiro nunca chove
08 - O As da negacao
09 - O Big-One da verdade
10 - So neste pais (complete - for a limited period of time)

Get it here.


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