Saturday, December 16, 2006
Pop according to Husky (PL)

Patrycja Hefczynska, (vocals), and Jacek Dojwa, (machinery), are Husky. This Wroclaw-based downtempo, electro-pop duo released this Autumn their second album, Zgadnij, on 2-47 records.

Delicate, sensual, laid back and with a touch of Scandinavia, Patrycja's voice and Jacek's electronic textures bring us to memory the likes of Moloko, Moa, Bjork, Everything But The Girl and Peggy Lee.

4 years after the release of Czy slyszysz, 2006 saw their return in a much better shape, with an album that fits in the list of the best releases this year.

Zgadnij, with its 10 tracks and a multimedia section (where we can find some photos and the video for Iskrzy, iskrzy!!!), is a pearl that requires more than the simple quick listening. It requires to be listened often, paying special attention to the music while it fills your place with its exotic scents.

Sung both in Polish and English, this is an album where there isn't that much space for hits.... but, do not let this statement trick you. Tracks like the jazzy pop Niue, the more electro orientated Black Coffee or the instrumental Else will not get out of your head that easily.

The music is all there! Delicate and smooth, made of such beautiful electronic ambient pop and bossa-nova sunbathed, breathing downtempo tunes and breakbeats.
This is Zgadnij, another pop meets electro release that will colour our winter and make it warmer.

Discover them at their MySpace and right next.

Iskrzy, iskrzy!!!

Black Coffee

More tracks can be found at their homepage.


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