Saturday, December 02, 2006
Buraka to conquer the world ...... (PT)

Buraka Som Sistema couldn't have thought about a better name for their first EP, From Buraka To The World.

I've spoken about them already but today I'd like to share with you the success of one of the hippest new acts to come from Portugal/Angola.

Australia, Sweden, England, USA, France, Canada, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany,.... to name but a few, they've all discovered this Lisbon-based collective.

This kuduro, kizomba, d'n'b, dub and hard-techno mix is taking the sounds of Angola and Portugal to the world. Kuduro and kizomba were a music genre partially ignored by some in Portugal. Thanks to BSS, this sound has conquered Portugal and is taking over the world, being compared to the phenomenon that hit us in 2005/2006 called Baile Funk.

After Underground Sound of Lisbon, back in 1994, taking the new electronic sounds of Lisbon to everyone, twelve years later the time has come to Angola and Portugal say present once again.

Buraka Som Sistema will be playing live on

02/12 - ARC Os Musicos, Faro (PT)
09/12 - Sodra Teatern, Stockholm, (SE)
21/12 - Clube Mercado, Lx, (PT)
11/01 - Eurosonic Festival, Groningen, (NL)
12/01 - Het Paard, Den Haag, (NL)
26/01 - The Old Blue Last, London (UK)

Check them at their MySpace. Their releases can be bought at iTunes or here as well.

Yah!!!! Vamos partir esse mambo!!

Buraka Som Sistema - Yah! (feat. Petty)
Buraka Som Sistema - Buraka Entra

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