Sunday, April 01, 2007
New Century Classics EP (PL)

Never thought I'd go back again to New Century Classics that early.

Never thought I'd be so suprised, again, in one of their concerts.....

New Century Classics (NCC) played this Sunday at Lubu Dubu, presenting their debut EP. This was the best occasion to see how this band had evolved since last time they played live, about one month ago.

Once the concert finished, I must confess that it looked like one year or more had just flew in front of me. How come NCC changed so much in just one month......

All those interruptions between their songs are gone; they sound more sure of themselves, much more confident.
The sound?.... This one sounds great, powerful, carrying emotions one can only dream of. Their music can, perfectly, drive you to a state of ecstasy. The swirling sounds, the blasting and tempting melodies, those catchy guitar chords and that melancholic crying violin........

There was time to see Anna on the synths, guitar, egg... Dana on the violin (the sound of her violin gives such a touch to their music), guitar and synths, Marek on guitar and synths, Antonello (the only one that stood with the same instrument throughout the whole gig) on percussion and Mateusz on lead guitar and, as it couldn't be any other way, giving a hand on the keyboards. One hour after, I felt as if it was Saturday morning; a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. I was sure I had seen one of the most interesting concerts this year...

Now back to the EP. New Century Classics released this Sunday their debut EP, curiously entitled EP. As we mentioned before, their debut features Sandbox Love, Children Of An Uncertain Future and Radom Acts OF Happiness (these three tracks can be found at their MySpace), plus Drift Motion and A Small Misunderstanding.

I'll start with the last two. Drift Motion is an exercise that starts softly, with delicately played guitar chords. Beautiful long distorced guitar feeds open space to Antonello's bangs and drums, this time more controlled, until we hit the fourth minute and all their energy is released.

A Small Understanding is one of their typical tracks. The music keeps growing and growing and then.... as fireworks colour those dark and solitary nights, as thunders create that mix of fear and astonishment, so does their music create such feelings. It iluminates, astonishes but does not create fear. Indeed it gives space to hope and satisfaction.

The first three tracks, now re-recorded with Antonello's arse kickin' percussion sound better than ever. I've listened to these five tracks several times nd I just can't let go. It's quite difficult to let go. Their music gets deep into your bones. Their music opens its arms and holds you close, not letting you go. Surrender!!!!

Discover New Century Classics, one of our favourite bands for this 2007.

Listen to part of their EP at their MySpace.

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