Sunday, October 14, 2007
David Fonseca and his Dreams In Colour (PT)
After the release of 2003's Sing Me Something New and 2005's Our Hearts Will Beat As One, the expectation was quite big towards David Fonseca's latest release, Dreams In Colour. After listening to the latter, I must say that the expectation was met.

Known for some time as Silence 4's lead vocalist, it's been a while since David Fonseca decided to undergo a solo career, and I'm glad he did so.

With three albums up to today, we are constantly surprised by his new songs and the way each record grows compared to its predecessors. Dreams In Colour is only his most accomplished release so far, the perfect follow-up to his previous two albums. With an handful of tracks (11 in total), we are taken into a swirl of indie pop, 80's electro, catchy, melodic and heavily contagious dancing tunes, where constant changes in mood take place; songs run in epic crescendos. It's a sea of emotions and amazing pop pearls!!!

Songs like the poppy Kiss me, Oh Kiss me, the mind-blowing dance melodies of Silent Void, the crescendo on This Wind, Temptation and the superb cover to Elton John's Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be a Long, Long Time) are more than the perfect welcome card to one of my favourites this 2007.

This is Dreams In Colour, a hymn to pop music, one of the best pop albums Portugal has seen on recent years. An album suiting those that, like me, love pop music, or those that prefer more alternative/indie music.

Take a deep breath!!! Press play and enjoy. It's all about Dreams in Colour.

Get it right here. Special limited edition (digipack with 24 page booklet + DVD) on these stores.

[previews out of Dreams in Colour]

4th chance
Kiss me, Oh Kiss Me
Rocket Man (I think it's gonna be a long, long time) (highly rec.)
Silent void (highly rec.)
This wind, temptation (highly rec.)

[previews out of Our Hearts Will Beat As One]

Who Are U?
Swim II
Cold Heart II
Hold Still II (featuring Rita RedShoes)
Start Over Again II

Enjoy Superstars, the first single out of Dreams In Colour.

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