Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Under the Radar with .... FlyKKiller (PL/UK)
"...... The FlyKKiller story is that the songs contained within this album are recorded by an extra terrestrial called V who created this album (whilst in captivity in the FlyKKiller Institute in Poland) as a vessel in which to pass on her peaceful communications to us earthlings......"

FlyKKiller are London-based Polish downtempo, trip-hop singer Pati Yang, together with Stephen Hilton (musical parter of David Holmes, of The Free Association), and Dominic DeGrande, Faye Hamilton and Brian Fairbairn (mainly taking part when playing live).

With an album, Experiments In Violent Light, and three EPs released so far, this collective is on its way to become something quite serious in Her Majesty's lands but not only.... With their mutated hip hop structured tracks, trip hop flavoured backgrounds, experimental fat electro beats, dense and groovy bass sound waves, Pati and Stephen deliver something unique in today's soundscapes.

Combines the likes of a dark shadowed Goldfrapp and The Knife on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Pati's dense and sexy vocals marry perfectly to Stephen's beats creating the marvelous sound behind their debut album, the perfect soundtrack to David Lynch's or Alfred Hitchcock's most terrifying films.

After the release of our 2005 favourite Silent Treatment, Pati has returned in great shape, together with Stephen Hilton to sign one of 2007's most interesting proposals. The time has come for you to discover it now......

While this debut does not make it to Polish record stores, why not get it on the internet, right here:
Juno Records

Get to listen to some of their music on their MySpace. Some previews right next, but before, courtesy of Tomek Myszko, check their interview or BBC6 radio and the live recorded session.

Live Session and Interview @ BBC6
Live Session @ BBC6 and City Centre Social


01. Flykkiller
02. Peroxide
03. Fear
04. Sell My Pulse
05. Shine
06. Get All Pulled Out
07. Controlled Environment
08. B Murphy
09. Music For Twelve Wounds
10. Cze Nie Szkoda Cie
11. Flykkiller David Holmes Remix

As good news never travel alone, Peroxide, right next.....

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